In today's competitive marketplace, there is the exclusive design concept or that which is relegated as standard representation or commonplace.  The corporate entity that evolves will thrive while finding its image communicated to their specific customer base.  Marketing and Social Media is more successful when a specific identity can be effectively conveyed.

TrimLab can assist both independent designers and major labels in a customization process that will better promote and market their brand. Our state of the art R & D departments, both in Asia and the USA, offer myriad products that can be customized to best suit the designer’s concepts.  We can produce a custom designed zipper pull, clasp, charm, hook, ring, slide, ribbon, tape or decorative trim.

    Our accumulated decades of experience in the garment and allied industries have enabled us to support the creation of these items for most all applications. Our experience has also enabled us to fine tune our testing procedures required for worldwide compliance. We test for levels of lead, nickel, phthalates, conflict minerals as well as other restricted chemicals. Our familiarity with these procedures adds an additional level of confidence for our clients - along with our practice of providing the best products for specific applications which helps by avoiding costly mistakes.

​    The process begins by consulting with our sales professionals to determine the type of application required. The design team can then begin a course of action to create the product that best represents their brand with respect to size, gauge, and application.​

   Once the initial design has been established, the designer has the opportunity to compare their creation to other standard products in our collection enabling them to fine tune their illustrations. Great care is taken to determine the exact dimensions that will result in a perfect fit for both application and function of the final product.

​    Our factory design department submits a detailed blue-print representing the submitted design. When the designer team approves, a mould is created that can produce a quantity from a dozen to 50 thousand pieces in a multitude of metal finishes or enameled colors. Working samples are then submitted within several weeks for approval.